Your Email Signature Sucks (If You Have One)

imagesSince when did we stop including our phone number in email signatures? When did we start ditching email signatures entirely? A quick search of the internet shows lots of folks are p***** about email signatures and we’re not the only ones asking, REALLY?!

Why not make it easier for people to find or connect with you?

Do you like being asked for your contact information over and over?

Are you afraid of the phone?

Why not brand your business throughout the hundreds of emails you’re sending each day?

Look, we work in an email heavy world but here’s a thought. Someone might need to actually call you. Someone might need to find you. Someone might need to actually SPEAK to you over the phone. At the very least, add your name and phone number to every email, reply and forward so we can add you to our contact lists.


-Team TGPR