Food Issues Group Visits Sushi Chef Institute

healthDept photo

Our Food Issues Group partner and food safety expert Jeff Nelken was asked to set up a sushi demonstration at the Sushi Chef Institute in Torrance, CA.  It’s part of our outreach to support the Health Department’s education on the fine points of sushi and evaluate the use of gloves when preparing sushi. Our long working relationship with them allows for an exchange of ideas and the ability to help restaurant owners navigate sensitive food safety issues.  The demonstration helped the Health Department see the distinctive way sushi is prepared. Jeff (left) met with James Dragan, Chief Environmental Specialist, Consultative Services, during this positive and supportive educational session.

Chefs, food workers and bartenders are now required to wear gloves for doing everything from making sushi to putting olives in your cocktails. When the new glove law passed January 1, sushi chefs were up in arms (and gloves) because they claim that the law interferes with their thousand of years of preparing sushi with bare hands. In response to many complaints, Dr. Richard Pan, chair of Assembly Health Committee (D-Sacramento), announced emergency legislation (AB 2130) that would repeal the section of the Retail Food Code prohibiting bare-hand contact with food.

-Susan Tellem, TGPR