Client United Poultry Concerns Urges Positive Action on May 4

Elvis and Henny Portrait Did you know there is an International Respect For Chickens Day (and month)? It’s May 4 and was launched in 2005 by our client United Poultry Concerns. As many of you already know, we’re big animal lovers here at TGPR – in fact, Partner Susan Tellem has not one, but two chickens she rescued – so International Respect for Chickens Day is particularly close to our heart. On May 4, the world will celebrate chickens! Various protests are being organized to bring attention to the suffering of chickens in farming, cockfighting, experimental research, hatching projects and other activities that mistreat chickens. From Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns, an organization that promotes compassionate treatment of domestic fowl:

We urge everyone to do a compassionate ACTION for chickens, on or around May 4. We invite people to hold an office party or a classroom celebration, leaflet on a busy street corner, write a letter to the editor, do a radio call-in, table at their local church, shopping mall or community festival. A library display, a delicious vegan open house, an informative blog post, or simply talking to family and friends about the plight – and delight – of chickens and how people can help them are great ways to help chickens.

For more information, check out the press release here: -Dan Grody, TGPR