Heads Roll at Sony...Three Months Later?

sony pic shadow

TGPR Partner Susan Tellem is a frequent contributor to CommPro.biz, often writing about corporate communications and crisis management. In her most recent article, Susan talks about Amy Pascal’s stepping down at Sony and how this is different than most crises, where top executives are generally replaced quickly to reduce damages to the company.

What many expected has finally happened…Amy Pascal will step down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and head of the film studio.  What differs from other executive head rolling is that it took about three months after a massive hacking took place and some of her embarrassing emails were revealed.

What was going on for three months behind closed doors? Read the full article here: http://www.commpro.biz/corporate-communications/amy-pascal-kid-stays-picture/.

-Dan Grody, TGPR