Tour the USA With Client Nitro Circus


Client Nitro Circus and DreamJobbing have teamed up again to offer another epic DreamJob; this time as a Nitro Circus tour reporter! DreamJobbing is an opportunity platform for the coolest jobs and experiences in the world and action sports entertainment trailblazers Nitro Circus is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel across the USA, be part of the Nitro Circus team and cover one of the most extreme shows on earth: Nitro Circus Live. How crazy cool would that be? As crazy as the top 10 craziest Nitro Circus Live tricks ever accomplished:

Kicking off in Florida, the Nitro Circus USA Tour Reporter will make their way through Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Texas and more to experience all of the unbelievable excitement first-hand during a three week tour. The DreamJobber will share their experience via real-time updates featured by Nitro, socially, around the world and on

Interested applicants can apply and find out more here:

-Dan Grody, TGPR