Work Local Angles for Media Coverage

Cricket - Union Tribune 2 copy copy

San Diego resident Cricket Bidleman has captured her fourth North American Braille Challenge victory! TGPR client The Braille Institute runs the annual Braille Challenge, now in its 15th year and Cricket was one of 60 finalists from more than 1,100 braille students who were picked to participate in the contest that tests speed, accuracy and comprehension.

We invited the San Diego Union Tribune to the Los Angeles Braille Challenge finalist event to cover Cricket’s story. They were able to attend and shoot photographs and yesterday, Cricket’s article (more than 800 words) including information about the Braille Institute and Braille Challenge, made the front page of the San Diego Union Tribune (pictured at left)! It has a daily circulation of approximately 250,000+ readers. Read the full article here.

The Braille Challenge has received a ton of media coverage, but sometimes the best weapon in your company’s arsenal for securing publicity might be the local angle. Find your local tie-in — the fuzzy, warm feel-good story about a customer or business associate, a huge PR stunt, the local spin on a bigger national story — and call or email the editor of your paper and see what they think.

In our case, Cricket Bidleman was an incredibly wonderful story to share with the Tribune readers. We wish Cricket and her family all the best when they move to Morro Bay soon!

-Dan Grody, TGPR