BIC’s Think Like a Man on Women’s Day Fail


From the “what were they thinking” file, this gem comes from Bic’s South Africa Facebook page where “Women’s Day” was being observed. It doesn’t matter who is responsible because BIC’s (original) non-apology was even more screwed up, blaming the ad on a women’s blog:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.53.34 AMThe company issued its first apology on Facebook saying: “We would like to apologize to all our fans who took offense to our recent Women’s Day Post. We can assure you that we meant it in the most empowering way possible and in no way derogatory towards women. We took the quote from a ‘Women in Business’ blog site. The blog site explains the quote and what its intentions were when it was written. BIC believes in celebrating women and the powerful contribution women make to our society.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.04.52 PM

Later, the company scratched this “apology” post and put up a new one. Regardless if the text around the apology had improved, this really is not the ideal way of handling things as it opens the door to more negativity and criticism, and with the new apology post, even more Facebook followers will learn about the bad news and chime in.

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-Susan Tellem, TGPR