Porter Ranch Crisis: Where are the Visuals?


The media coverage of the crisis generally includes not-so-compelling images like resident meetings or this overhead shot above.

TGPR Partner and crisis management expert Susan Tellem strikes again, getting her bazillionth letter to the editor published, this time by the LA Times. If there are no photos, did it really happen? A great question along with other points made in her letter: Where are the visuals that show the misery of living in Porter Ranch?” (read it here).

In the Porter Ranch articles, we read about human and animal nosebleeds, dead and dying backyard birds and a variety of other ills, but the accompanying images typically show residents in meetings or are aerial views of houses.

Take the BP Oil Spill for example — you couldn’t turn on a TV or surf the Internet without seeing incredibly compelling visuals related to the tragedy.

Considering every last soul practically has a smartphone with a camera these days, we would expect to see more visuals in the media coverage.


For those not familiar, The Aliso Canyon natural gas facility near Porter Ranch is spewing CO2 — 500,000 metric tons a month — that’s just about equal to the business generated CO2 in the state. Though the gas company is drilling a relief well to repair a broken pipe underground, the leak may continue until March. Since the leak was discovered in October 2015, area residents have been suffering from methane poisoning, headaches, heart issues, cognitive impairment, loss of motor skills, flu-like symptoms and more.

-Dan Grody, TGPR