Sempra's Gas Leak Crisis: Follow Up

(blog post begins after the video below)

Ahhh…I love the smell of natural gas in the morning. TGPR Crisis Management Expert Susan Tellem is at it again this week, not quite done commenting about the Sempra Gas Leak at Porter Ranch, which is not far from our location in Los Angeles.

Telling people who are upset that it is not a problem or serious is a terrible crisis management strategy…

That’s one Tellem quote in the Bloomberg article published yesterday:

It seems everything is moving in slow motion, much like the Sempra’s reporting of the leak to state authorities — it took about three days to do so after discovering it. What’s not in slow motion is the growing doubt Californians have about the “don’t worry” message coming from Sempra.


There is a resentment “swelling in Sempra’s own backyard after it was seen as slow to respond and then failing to take the matter as seriously as residents, environmentalists and policymakers say it should” according to the Chicago Tribune, which also picked up the article.

California’s governor declared a state of emergency and public health officials have said the leak is making people sick. People have also been forced into temporary homes.

Houses in the area are “becoming infused with this horrid smell and the chemicals,” U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat, said Tuesday in Washington.

-Dan Grody, TGPR