First Press Conference on Facebook Live

TGPR on Live MapWhen a number of media could not attend Tuesday’s press briefing with Melissa Cook, we directed them to our Facebook page to watch the press conference there. This was our first Facebook Live broadcast. The feedback from reporters was very positive as they’ve not had that option available to them before.

Live video is also a benefit to all Facebook pages. Your reach is highest with live videos WHILE live, so we recommend broadcasting for at least 5-20 minutes so you have a decent shot of attracting more viewers.

Our goals were simple: get prime positioning and a decent WiFi connection. After testing some audio we were off and running. It’s really so easy and now the video is archived on our page.

Any of you who have not done a live broadcast before should read this post from Facebook’s Product Management Director Fidji Simo here.

The news from the press conference was picked up by all the local television stations in Los Angeles, AOL, Good Morning AmericaDaily Mail and many more. Next time, I’ll likely use a small kickstand case for filming so my morning coffee intake and multi-tasking does not affect camera stability 🙂

-Dan Grody, TGPR