10 Tips on Selecting A Healthcare/Biotech PR Agency


Before you select a public relations agency to assist you with your communications program, make sure that you ask these 10 questions:

1. Do the principals and account staff have a working knowledge of medical terminology and “jargon?” Would terms like late-stage clinical trials, in-vitro fertilization and Kawasaki disease throw them for a loop?

2. Is the company known for solid media relationships? Do they know key health and science reporters locally and nationally?

3. Does the agency read the health care trades – Modern Healthcare, JAMA, Western Journal of Medicine, Hospitals? Is the agency familiar with the “Inglefinger Rule?”

4. Does the firm have sensitivity toward the different needs of many specialized services within the health care field, i.e., geriatrics, women’s health, emergency medicine, radiology?

5. Does your agency know which legislators, political action groups, industry trade associations and other related organizations act as watch dogs for the industry?

Biotech PR Agency

TGPR Partner Susan Tellem in the client offices. Watch out!

6. Does your account team regurgitate your ideas, or do they come up with fresh, creative strategies and tactics? Do your communications programs win awards?

7. Will the person who pitched the account actually work on it or will you be assigne
d inexperienced junior staff. Is there sufficient backup expertise in health care if your account person leaves the agency?

8. Is your agency aware of “Public Release of Patient Information” guidelines?

9. Getting ready to announce a major breakthrough? Does the agency know the restrictions imposed by the FDA and others on announcements of this type?

10. Have you checked the agency’s references with other clients and especially with the media, an often overlooked source of good information on an agency’s performance?

For 30 years, Tellem Grody PR, Inc., a global communications agency headquartered in Los Angeles, has provided healthcare and biotech companies with publicity, public relations and social media support. From hospitals to corporations and medical devices to pharmaceuticals, TGPR knows medicine and science. In fact, we are one of the oldest and most experienced healthcare agencies in the country. Before selling our agency to Saatchi & Saatchi, we were the largest healthcare agency west of the Mississippi.

TGPR offers its clients a variety of communications services, including business to business marketing; social media; media coaching and rehearsals; presentation training; publicity; special events; brochures and newsletters; crisis management; and full service video production (including laboratory and operating rooms). Just a few of the health and biotech clients the firm has represented include:

 Marina Plastic Surgery
 Breast Cancer Early Detection
 National Institutes of Health
 Blue September
 Harbor UCLA REI
 Interactive Health Systems, Inc.
 Metlife Insurance
 California Poison Control
 Tenet
 Clinical Micro Sensors, Inc.
 Ortho-McNeil
 Pfizer/Aricept
 Sutro & Co. Biosciences Division
 Centers for Disease Control
 Bioject Medication Systems Ltd.
 Centinela Hospital Medical Center
 Citrus Valley Health Partners, Inc.
 Health Care Association of Southern California  Braille Institute
 EPIC Hearing
 CompuMed Inc.
 Fibroid Treatment Center
 Biomedical Technology Solutions, Inc.  Sandoz (Novartis)
 Rational Therapeutics Inc.
 ZLB BioPlasma Inc.

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-Dan Grody, TGPR