Crisis Management Division Expands to Include Terrorism, Cyber Crime


TGPR has announced the expansion of its crisis management practice to include homeland threats, terrorism and cyber-crime. As homegrown terrorism, law enforcement ambushes, active shooters and cyber-crime increase, TGPR will help companies, law enforcement and citizens manage terror-related crises.

“Facing the media after harrowing events is difficult especially if this scenario has never happened before, or without previous training for unexpected events,” says Susan M. Tellem, APR, RN, BSN, TGPR’s senior partner. Our crisis team includes a seasoned private investigator with Israeli military training, a veteran food safety expert, a photo/video news journalist who worked daily with the Los Angeles Police Department and more.


“When the bad thing happens, our job is to guide our clients through intense media interest. This is especially important immediately after a terror event when confusion and emotions are at their most extreme. Coordinating with the CEO, law enforcement and corporate security requires an experienced hand in guiding them to responsibly answer stakeholders, hold media briefings, draft key messages and provide compassion to victims,” said Tellem.

A crisis management team is especially important in today’s social media world where explosive news stories travel fast and are rarely accurate. Getting in front of the story is critical.


Tellem’s 35 years of crisis preparedness and management expertise includes 18 months of counsel to the Santa Barbara district attorney prosecuting the Michael Jackson child molestation case, billed as one of the highest profile cases of the century and covered by more than 1,000 media on site at the courthouse. Preventing a crisis was paramount during Pope John Paul II’s visit to Los Angeles. Tellem led a media advance team, credentialing more than 3,000 reporters from across the globe. She recently completed two FBI courses on terrorism, including an intensive program on “ISIS and Social Media.” She herself survived an active shooter situation; no one was injured and the gunman was killed by police.

-Dan Grody, TGPR