A Safer Pacific Coast Highway (ASPCH)

PCHAbout: A Safer PCH (ASPCH) is a grass roots organization that was formed in 2010 by three Malibu moms when a 13-year old Malibu student, Emily Rose Shane, was murdered by a reckless driver while she was walking home on PCH. Many people have died and have bene injured on this treacherous highway. ASPCH is demanding and getting critical improvements to the highway to prevent future injuries and deaths. Susan Tellem, a partner at TGPR, lives in Malibu and drives PCH daily.
Assignment: TGPR engineered a kick-off press conference to coincide with the start of summer and the increase in PCH visitor traffic. We scheduled the event for an area just off the busy highway and enlisted the parents whose children were lost on PCH as key speakers. A second press briefing was held on the beach just off the highway to honor recently deceased Petty Officer Oscar Avila Mendoza and severely injured Petty Officer Jesus Saenz from another terrible PCH accident with a wrong way driver. Six people were killed at the time of the press briefing in 2010.
Key Accomplishments: Heads of many organizations, school children, local residents, sheriffs, fire department reps, clergy, Chumash Indians, as well as media outlets from across the southland attended the press conferences, including Ventura Star News; TV stations KABC KCAL, KCBS, KNBC, KTLA and Fox 11; KNX and KFWB Radio; Los Angeles Times; and Malibu Times and Malibu Surfside News.