Vanguard Cancer Foundation

VanguardCancerAbout: Vanguard Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization advocating for more personalized and intelligent cancer care launched in 1994 by Loretta Phillips Stamos, actor John Stamos’ mother.
Assignment: This was the 11th year for Vanguard’s annual fundraiser. With John Stamos hosting, the event had built-in cache. However, an out-of-the-loop Long-Beach location and the fact that the event was over a decade old were obstacles to media coverage.
Key Accomplishments: We established a strong family-oriented story angle to pitch to select entertainment media with the objective of granting an exclusive. Results included: Extra, an exclusive interview on site during the event with John, Loretta and Dr. Nagourney who treated Loretta’s brother and founder of Rational Therapeutics; People Magazine; more than $100,000 raised; and “ER” PSA starring John Stamos was distributed via satellite to NBC and its affiliates.