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World Turtle Day a Success!

pakistan - save the turtle

World Turtle Day was a huge success around the globe! Media outlets big and small, blogs/social media were abuzz about the day launched by our own Susan Tellem and her American Tortoise Rescue.  Even BuzzFeed got in on the action!

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 12.59.54 PM

A majority of online conversations (70%) originated from the US and UK, but we are seeing signs of growth of World Turtle Day observance elsewhere with Canada, Japan, Australia and others showing their support. Check out the group from Pakistan (pictured above)!

We saw over 2,100 new likes on the World Turtle Day Facebook page and roughly 30,000,000 impressions on social media for “world turtle day” or the hashtag #worldturtleday.

We can’t wait for next year — we’re already brainstorming outreach ideas and contests!

-Dan, TGPR

Happy World Turtle Day!

worldturtle9 with hashtag

Fun fact: TGPR Partner Susan Tellem is also founder of American Tortoise Rescue. In 2000, she and husband Marshall Thompson launched World Turtle Day, May 23, as an annual observance to celebrate the wonderful creatures and bring attention to disappearing habitats worldwide. The world is abuzz today, especially on social networks including Twitter. Additionally, Groupon launched a dedicated donation campaign for American Tortoise Rescue this morning — if you’d like to donate $10, please visit this link!

Also, Happy Birthday ST!


-Dan, TGPR

Ghostwriting for Social Media – Why You Need an Agency

ghost + writing = yeah, that was too easy.

ghost + writing = yeah, that was too easy.

If you have ever used a public relations agency, you probably got press releases and a press kit out of the experience.  Based on what the agency learned about your company, the staff was able to draft documents that reflected your mission and your vision.  The agency knew enough about you to write on your behalf using your “voice.”

That brings us to social media.  A complaint we hear so often from prospects and our own clients is, “I just don’t have interest or time to write blog posts or update Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. etc.” – the list goes on.

Bingo.  The same smart ghostwriting that went into your corporate press materials is available to keep your brand in front of the million of eyeballs on the web.  Once an agency knows your  philosophy, which is the first step in getting to know a client, they will easily be able to translate those corporate messages into more humanized posts and interactions for social media. We represent a brand by telling its story in pithy educational blog posts, 140 character tweets and photos and videos on Facebook that make followers want to come back for more.

Our goal is to spend about six months setting up channels while learning about your audience and its habits. We’ll develop strategies, identify your ambassadors and influencers and set your team up for success. At that point it is often smart for a client to hire someone in house to keep the momentum going. We’ll prepare them for the ever-changing road map of social media so they can drive results home.

-Susan, TGPR

LinkedIn Endorsements: A Hot Mess?

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 11.34.03 AM

Below is an excerpt from TGPR Partner Susan Tellem’s newest article, “Don’t Endorse a Hot Mess on LinkedIn.” We got to talking here as far as LinkedIn is concerned; the consensus at TGPR is to stick with recommendations, which carry much more weight and authenticity with LinkedIn users than do “endorsements.” There are a number of reasons…

If you like to endorse people you know on LinkedIn, you probably see the occasional egg avatar when the box with your four LinkedIn buddies comes up.  It’s pretty amazing that people still have an egg when LinkedIn is so well known for networking and job prospecting. Forget endorsing them.  They don’t deserve it if they can’t figure out how to upload a photo. Come on people. Get with the program and add your smiling face, not in a Halloween mask and not from 20 feet away.It’s called a headshot. Let’s see your head.

But wait. It gets worse. Next to the photo of your connection…

Read the complete article here:

-Dan, TGPR

Customer Service: How Social Media Helps [Infographic]

TGPR Guest Post: Karl Hunt

Considering the fast growing influence of social media, 80% of companies are planning to incorporate social media into their customer service strategies in 2013. Vocal and visible complaints of customers online have become powerful and their high expectations have to be responded to satisfactorily. Therefore, companies have to become more responsive to become successful.

It has been reported that customers will spend additional amounts for excellent service. Social media users will spend an additional 11% and non-social media users will spend an additional 21%.

In the last year 83% of social media users and 49% of non-social media users abandoned intended purchases because of bad customer service.

Social media users will tell more than 5 times more people about a good customer experience than non-social media users. They will tell nearly 3 times more people about a bad service experience.

American customers use social media to share their good and bad experience regarding various business organizations.

To seek direct response, customers most likely use 29% Facebook, 15% company blog, 14% Twitter and 12% Youtube.

Most of the younger customers prefer to use social media over phone for customer service experiences.

Customers expect a prompt response after posting their observations on a company’s facebook page or Twitter.

How Social Media HelpsThis post is written by Karl Hunt and he works at CouponAudit as a writer, where thousands of valid and working online coupons are available for different stores. For example you can use Proflowers coupon code 2013 etc. to get discount on your order while shopping on that store.

Turn Negative Social Media Comments Into Positive Customer Experience

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 11.47.54 AMThis is just another stat proving why excellent customer service is so critical to successful social media. There’s no denying it — people love getting responses from companies and brands because they feel someone, anyone is listening to their concerns and addressing them. But it’s always a matter of time before you encounter a negative comment or complaint and while we’ve seen businesses and community managers FREEZE when it comes time to respond, we see this as a golden OPPORTUNITY. Turn these people into loyal customers!

The folks at Profnet wrote a new article and asked me for some do’s and don’ts of managing negative comments on social media. Here were some of them but be sure to read the full article here:


  • Remember that everything will be ok.
  • Respond to negative comments.
  • Take screenshot threads that demonstrate resolution and keep them on file. You will always be able to show your social media team examples of handling negative comments.
  • Direct conversations offline to address matters privately, if situation is not easily resolved.


  • Don’t delete the comments (unless offensive, derogatory, etc.).
  • Don’t stress.
  • Don’t get defensive.

Based on your experiences, what other tips would you offer to those handling negative comments?

-Dan, TGPR

Hello 2013!

2012 was a good year.

2012 was a good year.

Recession?  What Recession?  That’s the good news here at TGPR.  We started 2012 with a group of great clients that have been with us for a long time including Aurora, LAMA, Marina Plastic Surgery, Rational Therapeutics, CompuMed, Inc. and Lord of the Dance to name a few.  We are grateful for their many years of confidence in our public relations and/or social media capabilities.

Mid-year brought fabulous new clients in Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band, William Shatner’s – Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It, Anthony Bourdain’s Guts & Glory Tour, Loving Landview/A Tribute to Pine Valley soap opera events, Barbie: The Dreamhouse Experience, Guardian Safety Solutions, International and  We ended the year with a huge bang signing the Strawberry Shortcake and Pajanimals U.S. tours. What a line up!

We also expanded our social media marketing and promotion division by adding some groovy social promotions most notably staging a Facebook contest for our client Aurora’s hugely popular plush line YooHoo & Friends.


We are kicking off another Facebook social promotion for Marina Plastic Surgery for Valentine’s Day.

We finally got our office staff photos taken by master photographer Marshall Thompson of  They will be making their debut here on the site shortly.

It was a terrific 2012, and we are seeing signs that 2013 will be equally exciting for us. Hopefully for that Facebook stock too ;)

If you want to join our stellar client list, shoot me an email at or call 310-313-3444 x1.

-Susan, TGPR