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Food PR People Love To Love

Mr. Cheetah

Apparently public relations professionals have an appetite for more than Twitter, checks from clients, fast cars and reporter hugs.  It turns out that the average PR girl and guy have secret food cravings that TGPR uncovered in a recent research project.  After revealing my crack cocaine choice of food – Cheetos – our colleagues divulged some of their secret tasty vices.  While chocolate led the pack (followed lovingly by Cheetos), there were some other top “cuisines” as well:

  • Hunk of blue cheese and loaf of hand-crafted bread
  • Nutella straight out of the jar
  • Sushi from Kiwami in Studio City (apparently this person actually got DTs after a week without it)
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Egg McMuffins

Quite the variety of food, indeed, secreted at the office in brown paper bags or stuffed in the couch cushions at home.  I’m sure these can be topped, so share your secret food with us, and the winner will get a cool little prize from TGPR.

-Susan, TGPR

Feeling Crabby Today – UPDATE

Man o’ man… in our not safe for lunch moment of the week, someone sent me a link to Revenge Crabs. The “Retail Crab Lice Specialists” are getting some good PR, with plenty of word of mouth working for them…but it’s just so GROSS and WRONG!! AGH!!!

Lots of ways to get out your aggression on the former lover, but spreading crabs leaves us with jaws dropped. I’m sure that makes the creators perfectly happy though!

Need more than one crab colony (YUCK) to accomplish your revenge? Have no fear because package plans assure you get just what you need to ruin that special someone’s life (and crotch):

BRONZE- Single Colony (up to 50 eggs); $99

SILVER- Three Colonies; $219; They suggest using one now, and freezing two colonies for later use. WTF.

GOLD- Shampoo Resistent Crabs; $298. 10 days of hell on the way thanks to your loving “crab lice specialists”

Well, like mom always said, “Life is Bitchin’ When They’re Itchin.”


Speaking of GROSS and WRONG, Kathie Lee and Hoda went “bare” this week on Today’s No Makeup Zone. Before you commend them for having the courage to hit national TV “bare” — or call the segment No Makeup Zone – you need to ditch the lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow etc. I may be a dude, but that’s not BARE girls… ;)

You know what, not so grossed out about the Crab specialists anymore.

-Dan TWW


Market Research at Disneyland

John visited Disneyland last week (and Dan earlier this year)…another round of data collection and “live” market research for the family division. We aren’t secret shoppers or anything but kudos to the happiest place on earth for great experiences both times. Dan nailed all the big kid rides on a day the park was at capacity and John had plenty of time introducing the lucky four year olds to smaller worlds…

dan tackles splash mountain in disguise

-Team Tellem


Top 20 Top 10 Lists

With 2010 just around the corner, we’ve picked 20 of our favorite top 10 lists from this year. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of the Decade: http://bit.ly/7IINyx
  2. Top 10 FAILs of 2009: http://bit.ly/8cEzrx
  3. Top 10 Internet Blunders: http://bit.ly/zjIRE
  4. Top 10 Social Media Stories: http://bit.ly/5s2rtm
  5. Top 10 Digital Gifts for Social Media Lovers: http://bit.ly/5NNz1E
  6. Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Reporter: http://bit.ly/66B76f
  7. Top 10 Mom Blogs: http://bit.ly/6dd3Q2
  8. Top 10 iPhone Apps: http://bit.ly/7yOv2G
  9. Top 10 Political Scandals: http://bit.ly/7rYqhA
  10. Top 10 Movies (AFI): http://bit.ly/8RVBtJ
  11. Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Street View: http://bit.ly/8pUHla
  12. Top 10 Web Platforms of 2009: http://bit.ly/8rXBF8
  13. Top 10 Selling Cars: http://bit.ly/8xnEJE
  14. Top 10 Computer Scams This Year: http://bit.ly/7WzuX5
  15. Top 10 Tours: http://bit.ly/4LAlOv
  16. Top 10 Sports Cheats: http://bit.ly/7rhdo0
  17. Top 10 People Caught on Facebook: http://bit.ly/4FwvOJ
  18. Top 10 Iran Election Crisis Videos: http://bit.ly/5IOoaB
  19. Top 10 Freebies for Social Media Marketing: http://bit.ly/4Bjrso
  20. Top 10 WordPress Tools: http://bit.ly/5ubV97