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How To: Break Into Public Speaking

Our TGPR Queen, Susan Tellem got a nice slice of this Dear Gracie column from our friends over at ProfNet. The following question was posed:

How do I get my name on the radar of conferences, trade shows, workshops, etc.? Is this a good way to supplement income? What can I expect?

Our advice: To pitch a speaker, create a “sales package with sizzle.” This should include six key components:

  • Introduction. Provide a brief description of the speaker and what makes him or her so dynamic.
  • List of Topics. Briefly summarize the subjects the speaker can discuss. Topics should cater to different audiences: consumers and the public, executives and administrators, industry professionals, etc.
  • Press Kit. A full electronic press kit.
  • Speaker Sheet. Condense the bio information, fees and suggested topics onto a single page.
  • Testimonials. If the speaker has previous experience, provide audience or group testimonials.
  • Media Clips. Provide prior press coverage of the speaker with links or PDFs, including any broadcast appearances.

For the rest of the column with answers from other PR experts, click here.

-Dan, TGPR

Study Predicts Southern California Will Get a Lot Hotter

By mid-century, the days the temperature is expected to exceed 95 degrees in downtown Los Angeles will triple and quadruple in portions of the San Fernando Valley and could be even worse in the High Desert, according to a new study at UCLA. Researcher Alex Hall lead the study by UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability but failed to predict temperatures this hot. ABC must have some amazing air conditioning.

-Susan, TGPR

Careful What You Tweet For

My popcorn is gone – for now. @TheGroveLA and @rickcarusoLA have gone quiet amongst the Twitter rage regarding Tuesday night’s tweet banning Manny Pacquiao from the famous “shopping and entertainment resort”:

Every business of “influence” should carefully follow stories just like this. The Grove took a stance against a professional boxer whose beliefs aren’t in line with its own.

My first thought is…how do the shop owners that pay very good money for retail space feel about the Grove taking this stance on their behalf? While it’s in The Grove’s right to ban whomever they want, this tweet was a bad idea, much like not buttering my popcorn. Apparently, the decision was also made based on inaccurate quotations.

I can equate this very tweet to a band hitting the stage in front of 10s of thousands of fans, and before launching into a hit song, the singer starts talking politics. You have fans tens of thousands of fans, but it’s guaranteed that not everyone will agree with your views. And with those statements, you’ve risked alienating your fans/customers which the Grove has done whether they realize it or not — with one simple tweet that will be in ink forever. The Grove faces tough questions from current and potential customers now:

Did they base this decision on a story from the National Conservative Examiner? Why would they not ban boxer Floyd Mayweather, convicted of beating women? Are Christians banned? And the popular one, if you’re for tolerance then why are you being intolerant to Manny’s views?

Lol’ing at some folks tweeting that true Angelenos don’t even go to the Grove.

The fantastic news for The Grove is social media has a short attention span and horrible memory. So, @thegroveLA. Was the tweet worth it?

-Dan, TGPR

L.A. County’s New 311 PSA Stars Some Guy

L.A.’s Bureau of Sanitation released a new Youtube video; while not quite as popular as Rebecca Black’s Friday, or “Charlie Bit My Finger,” the 30-second PSA is charming and informative — and features this guy:

The video has a whopping 200+ views in almost 2 weeks — Justin Bieber better watch out! We credit the city for keeping up with technology and social media but in this case they could have told more people about 311 by shouting it over a megaphone in rush hour. Or they can hope the video goes viral, thanks to, this guy:

We would direct you to the city’s link to watch the ad in all its weirdness, but the video is not embedded properly and doesn’t play. That may help with the views! So, here’s the youtube instead. Try not to chuckle at when you know who hits the screen:

-Andy TWW

E-Mail Marketing Bummer

You've got terribly annoying email, Meg.

I’ve received another email from a “Los Angeles based hospitality group” that sends some of the most annoying emails ever. Annoying because 1) I don’t remember signing up to this e-mail list to begin with and 2) they continue to use deceiving subject line tactics with the hopes I’ll open the email.

This week’s fancy subject line of the marketing email was “question” — open the email and you’ll find 10 or so coupons and flyers for clubs around Los Angeles but no question. I unsubscribed from the list and lo and behold, and not an hour later, I get an email from John, who wrote the above mentioned group with the following:

Exactly WHAT is your question???????  These emails are so irritating.

If you really need to use that ploy to get people to open your emails – then its time to find someone else to handle your online marketing.

You guys are doing a super CRAPPY job ruining your brand by pissing off your customers.

This is about the 10th email with a subject line that is deceiving – so I’m going to opt out now from your email list.

-Dan TWW


Fibroid Awareness Week Under Way

What is a fibroid? I’d assume most guys like me have no idea…but the Fibroid Treatment Collective in Los Angeles has launched Fibroid Awareness Week from today through April 23rd to educate the public about the tumors affecting upwards of 50 percent of all women.

Fibroid tumors are benign (non-cancerous) growths that appear on the muscular wall of the uterus. In our “not safe for lunch” fact of the day around the office, the tumors can grow as large as a five month pregnancy. It’s true.

Guess what? Uterine fibroids can affect women of all ages, but are most common in those ages 40 to 50. There is no distinct cause for fibroids so Queen Tellem has been working with Bruce McLucas, MD, founder of the Collective and a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, to get the word out about how to treat them.

There are several special events highlighting this week, including a Fibroid Treatment Seminar on Wednesday, April 21 in Pasadena at 6:00 p.m. PST and a Fibroid Treatment Webinar, Friday, April 23 at 5 p.m., PST.  Both are free, and reservations can be made at www.fibroids.com.  Nationally, women can also join a live chat on the same web site Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

Bruce McLucas, MD

From the doc:

We felt the best way to reach out to almost half the women around the world who may have symptoms of fibroids was by launching this annual observance and disseminating timely information about diagnosis and treatment. The Fibroid Treatment Collective was founded 12 years ago to educate women about fibroids and various treatment options.

Ok…now I can answer the question, so it’s time to get out there and spread the word!

-Dan/Team Tellem