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When PR Clients Ask for the Impossible


The most common question from potential clients when Oprah’s show was popular on commercial television.

The most difficult clients are those with unrealistic expectations. Whenever we engage a new client, we talk about managing expectations. If they have done PR before, were they disappointed with the results or were they happy? If they were disappointed, was this because the expectations were too high about what could be delivered or was it because the agency failed to deliver on its promises?

Remember, in public relations there are no guarantees, except those that once the objectives are decided, the agency will do everything in its power to achieve by working hard.

“Can you get me on Oprah?”

When Oprah had a hugely popular TV show on commercial television, everyone in PR reading this had a perspective client ask this question.

To the prospect, the product, service or nonprofit he or she was selling was just what Oprah was supposedly waiting to see. We coined a term to call this phenomenon “oprahlusion,” or delusional thinking that a toy, DVD, food item or “insert new product here” is worthy of Oprah’s attention.

A client must have a newsworthy product or service in order to generate news. 

TGPR Partner Susan Tellem and other PR pros were asked to provide feedback on the expectations in PR. Read more on the topic at PR Crossings.

-Dan Grody, TGPR

The Past and Future of Food Safety Communications

Feet_lettuceTGPR Partner Susan Tellem’s recent article for the Holmes Report reflects on the past 10 years of Food Safety Communications as well as where we’re heading in the next 10 years.

When we launched our Food Issues Group with Jeff Nelken in 2003, gluten was not a household name and Friendster was the fast growing social networking site (the first to attain over one million members). But with the wider adoption of Myspace, Facebook and eventually Twitter, it became clear social media would play a more fundamental role in how we communicated food safety issues. But with that, we also found inaccurate information that creates unwarranted panic.


So what is the future of food safety? Nelken provides us with a list in the above mentioned Holmes article as well (link below). Is it a shortage in seafood species? The rise of super allergies or maybe counterfeit foods? Read the full list here:


-Dan, TGPR

TGPR at EAMC in Austin

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 12.44.02 PM

Austin from Instagram (@dangrody)

John and I are in Austin at the annual EAMC (Events and Arena Marketing Conference) networking, and doing various panels including Working with Mommy Bloggers and Social Crisis Management for Venues and Shows. This conference is by far one of the most fun and entertaining. What else would you expect from a room filled with hundreds of marketers?

During lunch, John beat out 400+ people at the Heads and Tails game, winning this lovely cookie monster!

image-Dan, TGPR

We’re Headed Back to EAMC

EAMC kicked off in 2012 with an event at Playland Vancouver

EAMC kicked off the 2012 conference with an event at Playland Vancouver. And play we did. That also means filter-time on Instagram.

The Event and Arena Marketing Conference returns June 12-15 — and we’re headed to Austin, baby!


If you’ve never been to EAMC, prepare to share company with hundreds of like-minded marketing and PR people — it’s a blast! This year, the TGPR team will be on a couple panels throughout the conference. The keynote speaker is Doug Ulman, president and CEO of the LIVESTRONG Foundation.


We’re looking forward to taking part, seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends. See you in Austin!

-Dan, TGPR

Client DrumChannel.com Partners With Chad Smith


Great news for our client DrumChannel.com, announcing a partnership this week with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. From the press release:

DrumChannel.com will work with Smith to provide exclusive content including behind the scenes, Smith’s first clinic in over two years, a Q&A session, episodes of the Chad Smith show, master classes and more.

This month, DrumChannel.com also won Drum! Magazine’s 2013 Drummies Award for “Best Educational Drumming Website”. DrumChannel.com offers hundreds of live and on-demand lessons and shows with all the greatest drummers from around the world. So onward and upward…big redesign on the website and a new season with more great drummers launching soon.

-Dan, TGPR