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StumbleUpon Some Milestones

A recent Digital Trends article states that StumbleUpon recently passed 25 billion clicks of its share button while the user base hit another record in April with over one billion stumbles. Can you believe in July, they had a single day record of 44 million stumbles? Heading into 2012, the company was seeing growth of about half a million new users each month. StumbleUpon has been working to rebuild the service as a start-up company after a partnership with eBay was dissolved in early 2009.

-Dan TWW

Easily Make A #Foursquare Business Page

Our time spent with Foursquare has been like many relationships. We fell very hard at first, felt smothered, and then we left. We loved the idea of dating someone new Foursquare, one of the first Apps to integrate social media with your smartphone that made excellent use of GPS technology. We were checking in while we picked up our laundry, eating an Indian buffet at lunch, and we even had a location for our home. Foursquare began feeling like a chore.

Does your business need to create a foursquare page? Mashable reports that:

Foursquare business pages are no longer limited to large brands with the money and clout to buy Foursquare’s limited and in-demand dev resources. Business pages are now self-serve…Now, any business can create a free Foursquare business page, enabling it to customize a branded page where fans can “follow” the brand and unlock its tips.

Are we going to recommend that all our clients create a Foursquare page? Not yet, but it couldn’t hurt to try it out for yourself, especially if you have a business with a physical addresses or perhaps your a manufacturer that wants to start a retail promo campaign. But it is too early to see if it will be worthwhile.

We will be monitoring things closely to see what happens now that Foursquare has opened this new opportunity for businesses. After all, doesn’t love deserve a second chance?

For more information please visit here.

-Andy TWW


With upwards of 20 clients who all have very active Twitters that we help run, it seems that often we find ourselves dreaming hashtags. Our addiction is simple; we:

  • can’t leave our Crowdbooster or Hootsuite for a minute
  • use the @ symbol in everyday conversation
  • wish we could “bit.ly” conversations in real life like you can do with long URLs

This addiction has its benefits– we know Twitter very well!

Recently, Tellem Worldwide Partner Dan Grody along with some other social media experts were asked by ProfNet, a division of PR Newswire, to contribute to the “Dear Gracie” Q&A section about the mystery of the Twitter hashtag.

Ms. Hung Up On Hashtags wrote in to the column:

I’m an amateur Twitter user, and it’s not clear to me how and why I should use #hashtags. Since I can search for keywords on Twitter, I don’t understand what the difference is. What purpose do they serve? And is there a wrong way to use them? Sometimes I see really long hashtags — what’s the point?

Dan emphasized that you must think of hashtags as discussion topics and explained that they are beneficial to users because hashtag topics are easily searched on Twitter and collected and presented to you in one stream. He also included some tips on what to avoid, like mixed-in-to-hashtag symbols and using trending-topic hashtags just for exposure. Dan also explained that buying a promoted hashtag on Twitter defeats the purpose of the service.

Hashtags are one of the most misunderstood aspects of Twitter and hopefully this will help curb abuse. Check out the full Q&A article here.

Do you think the column left out anything important about hashtags?

-Andy TWW

Facebook for Business Arrives

We remember six or so years ago when people found it funny that a company might have a Facebook page for it’s employees to communicate. Maybe it was a Fortune 500 that started one for it’s consumers. It just seemed that Facebook was more Hannah Montana than Warren Buffet.

Cut to present day and Facebook has grown up and gone all sorts of pro, unlike the Myspace and Friendster counterparts. Are there businesses out there that still don’t think they need to be on Facebook? Yes…but at least some of those who were holding off are finally coming around. If that’s you, you should check out “Facebook for Business”.

Facebook for Business “provides step-by-step guidance for how to best use Facebook’s marketing tools,” a company rep says. Such tools include Pages, Ads, Deals, social plugins and Sponsored Stories. Mashable quotes a rep in this article: “Though Facebook is sought after by marketers, many have found the process of buying ads on the network complex, which has spawned a network of third-party agencies that specialize in placing ads on the network. With the site, Facebook hopes to offer more of a helping hand. We want to inspire small businesses by seeing how other businesses have found success on Facebook by sharing their stories.”

To get started, visit: http://www.facebook.com/business.

-Andy TWW

Blog Bloghghg

Gawker mentioned a British newspaper left in a dummy headline…which made it to print last week! OUCH:

Hey man, did you see that story “Headline headghgh” in the paper today?

Anyway, we see more and more typos in the LA Times everyday now…and little mistakes all over the internet via online media — remember our post about the Yahoo News Image Fail?

It’s sad to see the direct effects of decreasing editorial staff in the newsroom. I’m just thinking that employers toss resumes with a typo… so is the public thinking if a newspaper can’t get the headline right, is it doing the reporting properly? Are people less likely to read newspapers and magazines, holding the outlets accountable because of typos like these?

-Dan TWW