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America’s Most Stressful Jobs

Do I look stressed to you??

They might have to be asked…but a recent survey says 85% of people wish they had a better understanding of what PR practitioners do for a living. Like I did growing up, I bet most people think PR is in fact advertising (the same survey by Hunter Public Relations said 45% of family think that’s the case). So Hunter did a “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” — kudos to the great idea to help people try and understand what we do.

But with the excitement, or variety, that comes in a day’s work at a PR firm, there comes stress — and I bet if you asked those same people what they think the 10 most stressful jobs in America are…PR wouldn’t be on the list. That’s the opposite of the recent grip of stories coming out last week about America’s most stressful jobs, which puts PR pros at number eight. Not surprising to us…but you know what I realized? We’re all damn good at managing multiple clients, deadlines, interruptions –  and STRESS!

So that’s what they meant by being able to multi-task…