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Facebook Timeline: Like it or Not, It’s Coming to a Profile Near You

It’s not 2008 anymore — although with new Facebook changes someone can find out everything you did the year Obama won the presidency and with one click of a button. According to Mashable, Facebook will be converting all profiles to Timeline. Where as right now Timeline has been in a quasi Beta phase, the Facebook profile as we know it will become Timeline.

You may have seen some friends profiles with a giant landing page profile picture and a new layout of sorts. Most uniquely is the literal Timeline on the right-hand side which allows you to scan the years that person has been “socially” available on-line. We must admit that our brains immediately thought about dating someone new and that they can get a quick history on your love life within seconds.

We have been using Timeline since they originally gave us the option and we like what we see so far.  We are very excited that Facebook is proving that they will be ever evolving unlike failed competitor MySpace. The question we have is when will the roll-out come to Fan pages? Facebook indicated no date yet but we can’t help but speculate how it will change our day-to-day operations of our clients pages. Any ideas?

-Andy, TGPR

Facebook Kills Discussions Tab

Ahhh…so many changes at Facebook… one we can certainly give a huge like to is the removal of the discussions tab (a forum essentially); all pages will see the change by October 31.

We noticed the low traffic and limited conversation in discussions on various pages over the past couple years. Even with some encouragement, fans were hard pressed to join those discussions and stay active within them.

That’s why this decision makes a lot of sense. We have always thought discussions should take place on the wall and in comments…and that’s Facebook’s thought process behind the move too, especially since these days, people don’t spend as much time on the actual page as they do interacting with it through their own feed…

So, adios discussions. See ya later, hasta la bye bye.

On a side note, Timeline is looking pretty nifty. Can’t wait for that to hit the pages as well…probably not until 2012 though.

Do you support the removal of other features or the addition of new ones on Facebook? Which moves have been your favorite to date?

-Dan, TGPR