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TGPR Launches YooHoo & Friends Social Promo

We’ve launched a social promotion for our client Aurora’s best selling brand, YooHoo & Friends. For the first time ever, fans of the best selling toy line (over 22 million sold) have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to help design the next special edition YooHoo. Hosted on the official YooHoo & Friends Facebook page, the contest asks contestants to download a predesigned template of line art. Then, either by drawing or using a computer program (e.g.: Photoshop) contestants design their entries for consideration in an all new YooHoo dinosaur line to hit shelves in April 2013. Bonus: the winning design will be made into a special edition YooHoo to debut at Toy Fair 2013. To enter, please visit the official Facebook page at http://facebook.com/yoohoofanpage.

Here are examples of just a few of the entries so far:

If you are interested in running a social promotion, we can help. They are great for crowd sourcing, increasing viral reach and exposure, collecting user information and most importantly — they are fun and entertaining for your fans.

Our social promo platform runs on Facebook, your website or as a standalone website for example and we can host photo, video, audio, text or mixed entries (which can be judged or voted on by other users). For more information, contact me at dan at tellemgrodypr dot com or give us a call at 310-313-3444.

-Dan, TGPR

The DL on Facebook Quizzes

Earlier this month, I was in our social media meeting and pitched the idea of a Facebook quiz for one of the clients on the roster. I had done them in the past, and they are a great way to get interaction on a Facebook page.

What we needed was a dedicated URL for the quiz so that we could include it in a client’s email newsletter, be able to post it on our wall and have it displayed on the left-hand column in a “Quiz” section. No sweat I thought. If a teenager can do it then so can we. But there were some challenges.

The "Earth Day" quiz we created for YooHoo & Friends

I hadn’t anticipated that Facebook Fan Pages were undergoing major changes and renovations. Oftentimes, changes happen from morning to night. I figured the easiest way would be just to use the popular Facebook Quiz Maker Apps that we all see whenever a friend invites us to take a “Which Kardashian Sister Am I?” quiz. What I found very quickly was that since the apps were all third party, it was very hard to customize it.  Even worse, some apps would give you a URL but you would not be allowed to post on the wall and vice-versa. I decided I might need to borrow code from a friend’s existing quiz that was functional, but it turned out they were coded in PHP and Facebook had recently changed the API, so the code didn’t work properly anymore.

I felt like I was out of options; destined to have a quiz that didn’t have any of the customizations I needed. Until, I found Fan Appz. They allowed every customization I needed for my quiz. There are no codes, and you can create either polls, “which are you quizzes” and “how well do you know quizzes.” The quiz appeared effortlessly on the front page of our Fan Page, and there was no need to embed anything. It also offers an amazing admin manager page where you can edit changes in the quiz even after it has gone “live” as well as schedule future re-posts of it. If you can’t hire someone to do your Facebook programming, then Fan Appz is a great option for those on a budget.

-Andy TWW


Moms Love Aurora’s YooHoo & Friends

We’re excited to show you Aurora’s newest YooHoo & Friends for 2010. Moms across the country are ecstatic about the award winning manufacturer’s cuddly creatures which are based on endangered species — 40 plus mom bloggers posted their raving reviews in December alone…watch out Zhu-Zhu pets!

YooHoo & Friends™ line is the company’s best selling plush toy category and includes more than 50 variations available at retail with a variety of sizes and themes (i.e.: Valentine’s, Spring/Easter, Halloween, Holidays, Birthdays, Graduation).  Aurora will introduce many new YooHoo & Friends throughout the year but look for the Beaver, Yellow Tiger, Jaban Rhinoceros and Japanese Macque (five and eight inches) to kick off 2010 introductions.  They join the Scarlet Macaw, Barbary Lion, Iberian Lynx, Platypus and a host of other characters.

The whimsical YooHoo & Friends inspired the launch of www.yoohoofriends.com, the corresponding free, interactive “virtual world” geared to kids from five to 12 years old. The web site makes learning fun and teaches kids about endangered animals in their natural habitats from all over the world. The website does not require activation codes. Site users can play games, watch previews for the upcoming YooHoo animations, adopt and raise YooHoo & Friends, and learn about each endangered animal.

Awww, check out the Birthday YooHoo & Friends! Visit this link to check out and buy your faves.


Aurora Files Lawsuit Targeting Beanie Baby Maker Ty, Inc.

We can see the headlines now… “Boo Humbug!!”

Aurora World, Inc., one of the world’s leading plush toy and gift manufacturers, today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Ty, Inc. for copyright infringement and four other violations in regards to Aurora’s best selling plush line, YooHoo & Friends™. In the lawsuit, Aurora alleges that Ty’s Beanie Boos™ plush line infringes on YooHoo & Friends™.  The lawsuit also alleges claims against Ty based on violations of the Lanham Act and California Business and Professions Code, as well as common law misappropriation and unfair competition.

Aurora’s law firm, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to be heard on December 14th in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.  A jury trial has been demanded.

Aurora’s YooHoo & Friends™ were created and based from endangered animals to help educate children and collectors about endangered species and their natural habitats. Aurora officially introduced the fluffy, big-eyed and whimsical plush animals in the United States around July of 2006. Since then, the line has expanded to include various sizes and themes, with more than 50 SKUs available at retail heading into 2010.

Aurora’s papers in support of its motion for a preliminary injunction include images comparing certain YooHoo & Friends™ characters with Beanie Boos™ characters and argue that the Beanie Boos™ are strikingly similar imitations of the YooHoo & Friends™ characters (see image).

Based on these similarities, Aurora contends that “Ty’s unlawful imitations of the YooHoo & Friends products and blatant infringement are damaging Aurora, not only by causing actual confusion and likelihood of confusion in the marketplace…but also by diminishing the value of the YooHoo & Friends products by diluting their distinct and unique nature and erroneously associating them with Ty rather than Aurora.”

Aurora created what is now one of the nation’s best selling plush lines – YooHoo & Friends™ – and its corresponding free, interactive web site (www.yoohoofriends.com), appealing to young children and tweens alike.

Check back for updates on what could be one of the biggest lawsuits in toy industry history.


YooHoo & Friends – Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $20

Holiday YooHoo & Friends

With the holidays fast approaching, who isn’t looking for stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank? We’ve found some ideal gifts for kids of all ages and collectors too, and if you’ve been nice, we hope Santa will return the favor and get you one of these this year. It’s no surprise that Aurora’s plush toy line called YooHoo & Friends has skyrocketed to become the leading toy and gift manufacturer’s number one product category. We think the line has been extremely successful because of the:

  • stand out design (based on endangered species but with a special and funky twist)
  • affordable prices at retail (depending on size the MSRP’s range from $6.99 to $13.99)
  • fun sounds, entertainment and educational value
  • corresponding free, interactive web site http://yoohoofriends.com (and does not require activation codes).

yoohoofriends dot comThe web site makes learning fun and is a safe destination for kids ages 5-12. It encourages kids to explore and investigate while learning about endangered species in their natural habitats. There are also many games using the characters as the focus. Based in Yootopia, kids can join YooHoo & Friends on magical journeys as they travel around the world. The web site also encourages parents and their children to value friendship, harmony, honesty and courage…the company says it is working to optimize the web site for all browsers by 2010.

With a line of more than 30 styles and growing fast, collectors love YooHoo & Friends. Not just for kids, people of all ages love YooHoo & Friends too. If you have never seen them in the stores around the country, the YooHoo & Friends line “pops” off of shelves thanks to the funky design. The dynamic color schemes, big eyes and long fluffy tails have been keys to the line’s success. Aurora also produces YooHoo & Friends themed for graduation or holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

YooHoo WannaBes (small)There are variations on the line including YooHoo & Friends WannaBes (YooHoos dressed as other popular animals i.e.: pig, frog etc.).

Each of the YooHoo & Friends makes a fun and entertaining sound. While children play with the toy, mom and dad will appreciate the sounds making kids laugh and giggle, without the noises being overbearing for the parent.

You can purchase YooHoo & Friends online and check out other great Aurora products here. Available in five and eight inches, they’ll fit in those Christmas stockings.