The Backyardigans on CTV’s Canada AM

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The Backyardigans – Sea Deep in Adventure is a live stage show, produced by client Koba Entertainment, based on the popular top-rated preschool television show. Currently on tour in Canada, the Backyardigans cast dropped by CTV’s Canada AM for a special performance this morning, bringing smiles to all the families in attendance.

In the live show, five friends explore clues, discover underwater magic and match wits with an egocentric, seaweed farming octopus and a pair of playful (but messy!) dolphins. With non-stop excitement and surprises, this watery tale will mesmerize, entertain and delight audiences of all ages.

Find out more by visiting:

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-Dan Grody, TGPR


New Webinar: Master Social Media

susan best lighterWant to capitalize on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to generate introductions to key professional contacts?

TGPR Partner Susan Tellem will lead the the live webinar, taking place today at 10:00am Pacific. Sign up here.

Learn everything you need to know to improve your presence and effectiveness on major social networking sites.

The webinar will also cover:

  • Specific ways to identify key individuals you want to be introduced to on specific social networks (such as LinkedIn), how to find a person to make that introduction for you, and how to establish correspondence with the individual

    Easy-to-implement tips and techniques from other business executives on how to update your current information, how to grow your number of contacts/friends/connections/followers, and other quick and easy ways to truly take advantage of all that social networking websites have to offer you

  • Case studies of other business executives that are having tremendous success using social networking websites to make key contacts, why they have been successful, and important lessons learned that you easily implement to be more effective at taking advantage of social networking

-Dan Grody, TGPR

Food Issues Group Visits Sushi Chef Institute

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Our Food Issues Group partner and food safety expert Jeff Nelken was asked to set up a sushi demonstration at the Sushi Chef Institute in Torrance, CA.  It’s part of our outreach to support the Health Department’s education on the fine points of sushi and evaluate the use of gloves when preparing sushi. Our long working relationship with them allows for an exchange of ideas and the ability to help restaurant owners navigate sensitive food safety issues.  The demonstration helped the Health Department see the distinctive way sushi is prepared. Jeff (left) met with James Dragan, Chief Environmental Specialist, Consultative Services, during this positive and supportive educational session.

Chefs, food workers and bartenders are now required to wear gloves for doing everything from making sushi to putting olives in your cocktails. When the new glove law passed January 1, sushi chefs were up in arms (and gloves) because they claim that the law interferes with their thousand of years of preparing sushi with bare hands. In response to many complaints, Dr. Richard Pan, chair of Assembly Health Committee (D-Sacramento), announced emergency legislation (AB 2130) that would repeal the section of the Retail Food Code prohibiting bare-hand contact with food.

-Susan Tellem, TGPR

Who Doesn’t Love a Nurse?

printlogoTGPR is so lucky to have as a client.  It’s like LinkedIn for nurses…only better. Its mission is to improve how nursing related information is distributed and shared among nurses, students, employers, academic institutions and industry organizations. 

I started out as a registered nurse and parlayed my medical knowledge into growing a large healthcare PR practice.  So, I am really excited to introduce Nurse Lounge to the more than 3.1 million nurses in the U.S.

If you know a nurse or would like to learn more about Nurses Lounge, checkout our new video:

-Susan Tellem, TGPR

When PR Clients Ask for the Impossible


The most common question from potential clients when Oprah’s show was popular on commercial television.

The most difficult clients are those with unrealistic expectations. Whenever we engage a new client, we talk about managing expectations. If they have done PR before, were they disappointed with the results or were they happy? If they were disappointed, was this because the expectations were too high about what could be delivered or was it because the agency failed to deliver on its promises?

Remember, in public relations there are no guarantees, except those that once the objectives are decided, the agency will do everything in its power to achieve by working hard.

“Can you get me on Oprah?”

When Oprah had a hugely popular TV show on commercial television, everyone in PR reading this had a perspective client ask this question.

To the prospect, the product, service or nonprofit he or she was selling was just what Oprah was supposedly waiting to see. We coined a term to call this phenomenon “oprahlusion,” or delusional thinking that a toy, DVD, food item or “insert new product here” is worthy of Oprah’s attention.

A client must have a newsworthy product or service in order to generate news. 

TGPR Partner Susan Tellem and other PR pros were asked to provide feedback on the expectations in PR. Read more on the topic at PR Crossings.

-Dan Grody, TGPR

DIY SEO is Here

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Our friends at Silicon Beach Digital announced the launch of a new DIY, guaranteed pay-per-keyword SEO program. This comes on the heels of a recent BrightLocal survey of 20,000 US-based businesses finding SEO generated nearly 20% of sales leads.

In our experience, it’s pretty easy to use the SEO campaign builder just by visiting the dashboard on the SBD website and entering any keyword.  The rest takes just a few minutes. What’s interesting is no long-term contracts which are common in the industry — they do lenient month-to-month arrangements (no set up fees either).

From Adam Wes, co-founder and CEO of Silicon Beach Digital:

Starting at $75 per month, campaigns can be easily customized for any business directly from our website. Every aspect of the new program is focused on achieving campaign profitability. We give our clients full control of their campaign size and duration.

Be sure to check out the video above, and for more information, read the press release. Also, tell us about your experience with SEO in the comments below.

-Dan Grody, TGPR

This Webinar Will Help You Secure Local Media Coverage

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Did you miss our webinar of awesomeness, Making the News: Secrets to Generating Local Media Coverage? No worries! We’ve made it available online so you can still check it out.

Etna Interactive President Ryan Miller hosts and he’s joined by leaders in the aesthetic medical public relations consulting industry including our own Susan Tellem, Anne Cohen of A Cohen Marketing & Public Relations, and Nadine Tosk of NDTosk Communications.

The 60-minute webinar gives you the tips, insight and skills required to earn press coverage in your local media market in 2014. Watch it here:


-Dan, TGPR