From Los Angeles to the UK and New York to Australia, TGPR works with clients located all over the U.S and the world. Check out our current roster:

Consumer Products


DW Drums
(Oxnard, CA)



5th Axis
(San Diego)



(Los Angeles, CA)
(Cleveland, OH)




Harry Potter in Concert
(Los Angeles, CA)


(Salt Lake City)



(Los Angeles, CA)



The Naked Magicians



(New York, NY)



Nitro Circus Live
(San Clemente, CA)



Peppa Pig’s Live Surprise
(Los Angeles, CA)



Red Light Management
(West Hollywood)



Shopkins Live!
(Toronto, ON)



The Simon & Garfunkel Story
(Los Angeles, CA)



The Illusionists U.S. Tour
(Salt Lake City, UT)



Santa Monica Pier
(Santa Monica, CA)



The Braille Challenge
(Los Angeles, CA)



Nitro World Games
(San Clemente, CA)


World Turtle Day
(Malibu, CA)

P-22 – Urban Wildlife Week
(Los Angeles, CA)

Health Care


Build My Bod
(Baton Rouge, LA)



California Poison Control System
(Sacramento, CA)



Dr. Chasen
(Del Mar, CA)



(Palo Alto, CA)



(Marina Del Rey, CA)


Non-Profit / Pro Bono

A Safer Pacific Coast Hwy
(Malibu, CA)



American Tortoise Rescue
(Southern California)



United Poultry Concerns
(Machipongo, VA)



Foundation for the Animals
(Los Angeles, CA)


Jewish Home
(Los Angeles, CA)


Optimist Youth Homes
(Los Angeles, CA)


National Wildlife Federation
(Merrifield, VA)

Online Gaming


Sports Betting Experts
(Vancouver, BC)