Animal Welfare

Everyone at TGPR loves animals. In fact, we have a variety of rescued office pets including goldendoodle Limo and cats Bill, Jack, Bob, YoYo and Willy. Susan started volunteering and joined the board of Cat Care Shelter when she was just 22 years old. She and her husband co-founded American Tortoise Rescue 25 years ago and have rehomed more than 3,000 turtles and tortoises worldwide. American Tortoise Rescue also created World Turtle Day (May 23), which has gained worldwide attention since its launch in 2000. On World Turtle Day in 2015, Instagram featured the rescue in its feed. Our agency’s love of animals has grown steadily with an emphasis on spreading the word about animals needing help, supporting humane legislation, as well as putting on animal fundraising events.

Some of the projects that we have been lucky to support include:

  • AB 1634 – Spay and Neuter Bill for California
  • American Tortoise Rescue
  • Beagle Freedom Project
  • Bound Angels
  • California Healthy Pets Act AB 1634
  • Cat Care Shelter
  • FARM
  • FixNation
  • In Defense of Animals
  • Los Angeles Animal Services
  • No On 197 – Save the California Mountain Lion
  • Prop 2 – Humane Farming Bill for California
  • Save Billy the Elephant
  • Shambala Wild Animal Preserve
  • Stop Santee Street Cruelty
  • The Lange Foundation
  • Voice for the Animals Foundation
  • World Turtle Day®


We are members of the American Sanctuary Association, Tortoise Group Las Vegas, Sacramento Turtle & Tortoise Club and California Turtle and Tortoise Club.

Animal Welfare Updates