TGPR, Inc. oversees and executes social strategy and campaigns for companies of all sizes,
from global brands to local businesses. 

Whether a full campaign or counseling sessions, our social media services
are broken down into the following:


Brand/Competitor Monitoring and Analysis

Outreach and Engagement

Content Curation and Development

Community Building and Influencer Relations

Social Promotions (Content/Sweepstakes)

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Is Your Company “Anti-Social?”

Being unaware of the social conversations about your product or company is risky business. We’re embracing blogs and social networks like never before.  Online communities are changing the way businesses research and communicate with their target audiences. No matter the social network or online forum, the social web is giving consumers a more personal connection to a celebrity, company or brand.

The perfect trifecta of social networks, link sharing and real-time search is rapidly taking a share of web site traffic, once dominated by Google search results. Beyond our traditional media relations and outreach efforts, Tellem Grody PR can help you create a social strategy, and execute it via monitoring, community management and content curation. We’ll help you manage and engage social media and take advantage of all the tools available online that will ultimately help expose your brand positively to a wider audience.

What are some of the most important reasons social media and community management are essential for any business, small or large?

  • Offers an affordable method for connecting people with a brand.
  • Listens to find out what your audience is talking about
  • Provides a reputation management tool (utilizing PR spin to change opinions and counter opposing arguments)
  • Keeps a close eye on competitors and new technological advances
  • Offers a market research tool (i.e.: surveys) and customer enhancement
  • Provides lead generation and prospecting

Mobile devices are changing the way people handle “downtime” and more and more people are using this time to communicate and share with their communities.  This is just another opportunity for a business to reach their customers.

The way people and businesses communicate with each other is constantly changing. There will always be new websites devoted to helping us communicate better and faster, and to help us make decisions and share them with others. Tellem Grody PR is here to keep you abreast of all the new technologies and ways that companies communicate with their target audiences.

Hosting a web site is no longer enough. Social media takes time, and requires patience, attention and organic growth. Likes and followers are not the most important factor in measuring a social media campaign. It is about engagement and connecting with your key audience(s) and expanding it.

For more info, call Dan Grody at 310-313-3444, email dan@tellemgrodypr.comor tweet @tellemgrodypr.